Bralalalala-Musician Extrordinaire, Martyr for Justice

Bralalalala, easily the most rebellious musician in todays society, has suffered tremendous hardship fighting for her rights as an individual in a sexist, patriarchal society. The amazing thing about Bralalalala’s  predicament is how amazing her music is, yet how willingly the masses, with very little or no integrity have utterly disregarded this fact in favor of censoring her identity to protect the sexist transphobic and homophobic paradigm of todays despicable culture. Only a fool would mistake Bralalalala as a run of the mill transgender woman. Not only is Bralalalala an exceptionally talented individual, regardless of gender, she is the only known LGBT celebrity to be out from day one. She never willingly accepted oppression in favor of cash as most of the known LGBT celebrities did to start their careers as closet cases. Additionally, the same fools who attempt to readily dismiss Bralalalala as a mere transgender woman of the average variety, also fail to even understand what a transgender woman means to Bralalalala. One can not know the person they fear to interview. Brala’s voice has yet to be seen and heard because her very existence exposes the dogmas of our times, is a threat to the sexist way of life still the honor of todays culture, and brings forth a higher reality, small minded people of today can not grasp.